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The island of Niue is a large upraised coral atoll – one of the largest in the world – in the Pacific Ocean right between the islands of Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands. Niue is largely covered in forest, with 14 small villages scattered across it. It has steep rocky shores, and the fact that it has no lakes or rivers makes for some incredible underwater adventures: the water visibility is crystal clear, as much as 80 metres. Being a tropical island, the waters are warm year-round, and the days can reach 30 degrees C (take a light jumper for the evenings). As well as unspoilt waters, Niue has unspoilt night skies: in 2020 Niue became the world’s first country to become a Dark Sky Nation. Totally bring your camera!!

The locals are genuinely friendly, respectful and hospitable people, and speak both Niuean and English. With Christianity playing a large part in society, Sunday is a quiet and respected day here (do try and attend a church service if you can, and hear the beautiful singing).

While many businesses have EFTPOS and accept New Zealand debit cards, Mastercard and Visa, cash (the New Zealand dollar) is widely used. There are no ATMs on the island, so bring your own cash and if you run short you can withdraw extra from Kiwibank in Alofi. Some businesses will also offer cash-out via EFTPOS for New Zealand bank cardholders.

There is no public transport, so you’re best to book a rental car or E-Bike before you go to get around the island. Food can be purchased from restaurants or supermarkets, but also bring in your own food especially if you have special dietary requirements. Niue does offer some seasonal local fruits and produce, and also boasts a large hydroponic operation for fresh salads and vegetables.

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Niue Blue is the most experienced watersports specialist in Niue, located in the village of Tamakautoga on the southwest of the island. Only a short 10-minute drive from the main town of Alofi and directly next door to the only resort in Niue, Scenic Matavai Resort.

We strongly recommend pre-booking before your arrival into Niue to avoid disappointment


Email: dive@niueblue.com
Phone: +683 4311

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7:30am – 5:00pm

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  • Swim with dolphins and snorkel Superb! Lovely people and remarkable snorkelling in such clear water with a pod of over 30 dolphins. Pure exhilaration! You only need to wear togs and jandals- they supply the rest.

    Lesley S Auckland, New Zealand

  • Wow, thats an amzing day full of discovery and nature. Loved the cruise! You guys rock.

    Mike McVey Gisborne NZ

  • Awesome afternoon out with the team. Went snorkeling in three locations, all with great features, Belly of the Whale was my favorite. Very knowledgeable about the history and culture!

    Wendy Heynen


The 2022 whale season here in Niue is one for the history books - the whales arrived at the end of June (they often arrive mid-late July) and many of the locals say they have never seen this many! The whole island is buzzing 🐋💙🐋 we have had some absolutely incredible encounters so far and it doesn't look like it's slowing down! 🤙🔥☀️💛
Check out this little guy we 👀 on our night dive! So many amazing critters, like this boxfish, come out when the sun goes down and diving at night is a an entirely different experience!
Onboard our bright yellow boat watching whales so close in!! 🐳💛💙
We're lucky to have some seriously cool caves, caverns and swim-throughs here to explore on our dives 🔦 the combo of clear water, encrusting life and amazing topography (often in shallow water) is a treat for divers of all experience levels!
Favia corals like this one  are reef-builders, providing habitat and substrate for other species like fish, crustaceans and other corals - as well as being beautiful! This snap was taking down one of our local sea tracks where we love to snorkel.

WHAT A DIVE!!! @barclayevan and our friend Ioane from Fisheries had an unexpected dive buddy today at our hottest new dive site Limu Twin Caves - a humpback whale!!! 🐳🐳💙💙 Having the reef drop-off so close to shore here in Niue means whales can be cruising by while we are diving. Crew Beckie and Jackson saw two whales coming, and managed to get this INSANE video from the boat showing just how big and graceful these animals are! 🐳💙🐳💛🤙

#niue #niueblue #niuetourism #humpbackwhale #whale  #diving #scuba #pacificocean @padi
It's not just whales at the moment we have had plenty of turtle action too the last couple days 🐢 
Green turtles are listed as endangered so no encounter is ever taken for granted 💚
The whales arrived just in time for school holidays - woo hoo! 🐳 Taking people to experience these amazing animals in their natural habitat and teaching them more about whales and the ocean is an honour 💙 

#niueblue #oceanmagic #humpback #niue #pacificocean
The whales are HERE!! We have had some amazing sightings over the past week, including right outside our dive shop 🐳🐳 our whales tours start this week and we are so excited to be out in the water with such beautiful animals 

📸 @hunter.malcon 

#niueblue #niue #humpbackwhale  #pacificocean
Look what we spotted...
A spotted eagle ray! 
We don't often spot them around here so it was pretty damn spotilicious!

📸: @cearaiona
Not all gems in Niue are found below the surface ~ there are so many hidden sea tracks and rock pools waiting to be discovered 🌴🌈