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    Whale Tours

Humpback whales pass through Niue as they breed and raise their calves annually between July and September. Right on the edge of this cetacean highway, Niue is one of the few places in the world where you are allowed to be in the water to swim and observe these gentle giants.

Every interaction is different, but if the whales’ behaviour is suitable snorkellers have the opportunity to be just 20 metres away from these amazing creatures while they rest and play. Interactions from the boat can also be impressive, witnessing impressive full breaches, flukes, playful spy hops and fin slaps. We are also the only operator in Niue with a hydrophone speaker system that allows all guests onboard to listen to the hauntingly beautiful whale songs. It is also common to be able to listen to beautiful whale songs while snorkelling in the water.

The trips start with a presentation about the whales, learning about their behaviours and migratory patterns. We then head out on the ocean for a coastal tour, keeping an eye out for whales and maybe dolphins along the way. Niue Blue holds one of few whale watching licences on Niue offering a once in a lifetime experience while still adhering to all of the strict rules and regulations protecting these amazing animals.

Niue Blue

Whale Watching/ Whale Swimming

Trips operate between July and September at 08:00am and 13:00pm Mon-Sat.
Pre-booking is available from 15th July- 30th September and outside of these times will be only booked on island if the Whales are in high enough numbers to run the trips.
Running time is 4 hrs, with the time spent on the water being approximately 3 hours.

Cost: $240pp (min age 10yrs, $60 refund if no whales seen ($180), or $80 redemption on another trip (bookings limited to capacity, not guaranteed, 2 weeks redemption period).

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  • Swim with dolphins and snorkel Superb! Lovely people and remarkable snorkelling in such clear water with a pod of over 30 dolphins. Pure exhilaration! You only need to wear togs and jandals- they supply the rest.

    Lesley S Auckland, New Zealand

  • Wow, thats an amzing day full of discovery and nature. Loved the cruise! You guys rock.

    Mike McVey Gisborne NZ

  • Awesome afternoon out with the team. Went snorkeling in three locations, all with great features, Belly of the Whale was my favorite. Very knowledgeable about the history and culture!

    Wendy Heynen


There's something extra special about witnessing a humpback mother and calf 💙🐋 

📸 @hunter.malcon
There are more than 22 species of anenomefish and here in Niue we have Clark's anenomefish! This species has a different pattern to the ones in Finding Nemo (which are called Clown anenomefish) with larger vertical white stripes 🧡🤍
You can't beat glassy days on the water
📸 @annika_andresen
There's nothing quite like a night dive 🌅
We could watch this all day! 😍💙🐢

📸 @travelling_roxy
Niue is a raised coral atoll surrounded by incredibly deep, blue waters - this means the whales can come really close to the reef, making for amazing whales watching from the land and the sea! 💚🐋💛

📸 @hunter.malcon
Our of our instructors @travelling_roxy got a wave from this beautiful green turtle on a dive the other day! 👋😘 Green turtles can travel thousands of kilometres to lay their eggs on the same beaches they were born on, and the turtles here in Niue are just stopping by for a pitstop on their journey 🐢 

📸 @travelling_roxy
The 2022 whale season here in Niue is one for the history books - the whales arrived at the end of June (they often arrive mid-late July) and many of the locals say they have never seen this many! The whole island is buzzing 🐋💙🐋 we have had some absolutely incredible encounters so far and it doesn't look like it's slowing down! 🤙🔥☀️💛
Check out this little guy we 👀 on our night dive! So many amazing critters, like this boxfish, come out when the sun goes down and diving at night is a an entirely different experience!
Onboard our bright yellow boat watching whales so close in!! 🐳💛💙
We're lucky to have some seriously cool caves, caverns and swim-throughs here to explore on our dives 🔦 the combo of clear water, encrusting life and amazing topography (often in shallow water) is a treat for divers of all experience levels!